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Working age, of course, work is tight. live life in a hurry Even when going to the bathroom, sometimes I don’t have much at all. Plus the food that I eat is not very picky. Because it focuses on easy, convenient and fast first. Lack of exercise and not eating fruits and vegetables regularly Of course, this kind of behavior has a bad effect on our bodies. Especially the issue about excretion which is important. That is the symptom of “constipation“.

and constipation that many people overlook If left untreated It can cause ulcers in the anus or rectum, hemorrhoids, including intestinal obstruction. Let’s know what’s there UFABET

constipation remedy

Today we have a good way to solve the problem of constipation so that everyone has a good excretory system and their health will be good as well.

  • Change the way you eat.
    This problem is a good way to start solving from the root cause. Is eating foods that are beneficial to the body and the digestive system, that is, vegetables, fruits and foods that are high in fiber.
  • Drink the right amount of water.
    Drinking water also contributes to the functioning of the excretory system as well. and also helps to improve digestion It helps the blood to flow well. Therefore, we should drink at least about 2 liters of water per day.
  • Establish a regular bowel movement routine.
    If you feel stomach ache or want to pass a bowel movement, let it happen naturally. Don’t hold back too long. Because it will spoil the system and the stool will recede back into the colon until it becomes difficult to excrete next time. In addition, there should be a regular excretion time, such as every morning after waking up.
  • exercise regularly
    Regular exercise will stimulate the work of the stomach and back muscles. This will help bowel movements better. It makes the excretory system better as well.
Constipation, difficult to excrete, how to cure