2 wrong formulas football betting that make us not profit

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2 wrong formulas football betting that make us not profit. Let’s go to UFABET.

In football betting, there are usually two distinct groups of players. One is the players who can make consistent profits as if there is a football betting formula. The second is a group of players who can make a profit. some, but often at a loss The ratio between the two sides is 30/70 different nowadays. Another shocking thing is that some of these people are the same players, so it begs the question why the 30% people. Here, you can still make profits consistently. And that’s the origin of this article.

1. Think football betting is a matter of luck and fortune in betting.

Some people like to see football betting as a game of flipping a coin. We may measure the risk of betting at 50%, which is correct because in football betting there is a real 50% risk. But if we look further, we will find that there is another factor. Many things that we can analyze in the game. that the team will have a chance to win and lose in that match Unlike the tail-tossing coin we don’t have any references.

  • In each football ballot, there are several variables that affect the win or loss of the match. It is impossible for us to be able to analyze all variables or factors in the game. Because it is detail and does not include variables. That we do not know in the game again. Therefore, we should only look at the big factors that affect the overall game.
  • Initially, we will choose a team to make a profit from. Seeing how many soccer teams have a win rate each time. It might start with a survey from the past 10 matches. Or maybe a little more detail, about 2-3 months, to see if there’s an interesting win rate.
  • The winning rate of matches should higher than 50% to consider a football team. That players should invest in playing.
  • The team’s form is important. A football team that can survive or perform well in the previous tournaments. That doesn’t mean that this race will do well at times. This form is an inconspicuous and computational part, but very important in investing.

2. Do not pay attention to the matter of football prices that occur in the competition.

Many investors are not interested in football prices at all. A lot of the focus is on the football team. That they invest in each time, in fact. The price of the ball is more important than the football team competing for both teams. By many professional gamblers. Who can make investments just by looking at the football price. without knowing. Which football team is competing. Which is more accurate than watching a football team.

  • Football prices directly affect the amount of profit a player can make from betting. Although the player’s football match can be won. But if the football price is not what the players think Even winning is meaningless. Because players will not get a single baht of money and profits back.
  • Players are therefore encouraged to place bets on football teams whose odds are consistent with their bets.
  • For example, if the match has an odds or installment price of about 3 times. In this section, if the player chooses to bet on the main football team. That has a higher tax on the match. Here, the main soccer team has to score 4 more goals. Than their opponents in order for that player to make a 100% profit. Opposite all 4 goals, usually not only 1 or 2 goals.
  • In which in this section, the player may not receive the prize money back at all. Because the odds consider too high. But on the other hand. If we look at the other side here. We will invest bets on secondary football teams with less tax on matches. Although the team that competes can not win. But if it is not shot up to 4 goals. Here the player will receive the investment back or may have a profit of about half of the money invested.