Liverpool legend believes Bellingham will ignore

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Liverpool legend believes Bellingham will ignore Premier League giants.

Liverpool legend David James believes Jude Bellingham will turn down a return to the Premier League

For a move to Real Madrid. According to the UFABET.

The La Liga giants, including three British clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United being link with a transfer to the Dortmund squad after the referee. Showing excellent form for the agency during the opening season.

Reports indicate that the Blues are ready to set Bellingham at around €150 million, or around 131 million pound. While the latest news from Spanish media indicates the 19-year-old midfielder has some signs of refusing. Coming to play in the Premier League and choosing to join Real Madrid as the next club in his career.

David James spoke out on the matter via GGRecon. England midfielder will choose to play for the White King for sure if an offer comes in.

“I believe it’s a good fit for that price. He’s only 19, he’s play over 100 games and has 16 caps for the national team. I think he’s an incredible player to meet and talk to. He as well as getting to know people. Who have worked with him It shows that he is the best 19-year-old player in football.”

“He is a very talented person. He is a talented footballer with a good understanding of the game. What more could you want from a midfielder? Of course, £130 million is not exorbitant figure. He move to Germany during COVID. Which was a difficult time and he seized the opportunity.”

“It has proven that this is the right move. Because his playing has improve. I think Real Madrid will call him the same way. I would like him to come to the Premier League. Which I am sure it will be a transfer that he is very pleased with.” James said