Shaw believes Maguire can return to outstanding

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Shaw believes Maguire can return to outstanding performances with the national team.

England left-back Luke Shaw has express his sympathy. For Manchester United centre-back Harry Maguire, Who has heavily criticize. But believes that News will be able to return to show a strong form again. The Lions drew 3-3 with Germany in the Nations League on Monday night.

The Red Devils defender has not made any appearances for the club in the last four Premier League games. After playing poorly in the first two games and in the national team game on Monday night, He still has not found a good form. Meet Errors shown throughout the game. Both losing the ball at the crucial moment. Penalties Until there are questions from fans. Whether Gareth Southgate will still trust the star player to play at the World Cup in November or not.

Shaw, who scored one against Germany, has commented on the matter, stating Maguire is more of a player under attack than others, but believes he can return. can return to good form in the World Cup in Qatar

“I’ll be honest, this is a tough time, of course Harry is an amazing player. Has a great character He is the one who gets the most criticism. More than anyone I’ve ever seen but he never hides He’s always facing it.”

“You may have moments when you want to escape from the crowd or you don’t want to feature. But he always puts himself in the spotlight and shows off his strength and character. Because everyone knows he is an incredible player.”

“Now it might be a matter of dwindling confidence because the world seems to be against him. It’s tough on him but all of us players and staff are backing him because he’s an important player and it shows Gareth’s confidence in putting him on the pitch in both games.

“Look at his performance at the Euros and what he has. The fans have to understand that he is an important part of the England national team and they have to accept it,” Shaw said.