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Benefits of chlorophyll.

Because chlorophyll is more popular nowadays. It claims to have health benefits in many areas. And according to scientific evidence. What are the benefits of chlorophyll? What are the facts?  Reduce unwanted odors from the body Bad breath and body odor are problems that greatly affect your personality and

Durian and beer can cause death. 

Durian and beer can cause death. There is a prohibition on eating durian along with drinking any type of alcohol. Because it is believed that there may be a reaction that can lead to death. Studies to find answers to this belief have found that eating both at

Causes of dry skin. 

Dry skin is mostly caused by environmental factors. Including some diseases that can affect dry skin. The causes of dry skin that may occur are as follows: Additionally, can be a side effect of certain diseases such as jaundice , diabetes , and kidney disease, among others. Treatments and tips.

How to eat peaches for good health?

Peaches are a fruit that can be eaten fresh by peeling the skin first. It can be used to make a variety of savory or sweet dishes. Such as adding it to salads or oatmeal dishes, making jams, and desserts like pies. Or cool drinks like fruit

Do oranges really have medicinal properties?

There are many benefits of oranges that affect health as already mentioned. Those beliefs have been widely studied scientifically. The issue regarding the medicinal properties of this fruit can be scientifically proven and beneficial to the body as people believe. There has been research and study as follows:

Flavonoids and their health benefits

Flavonoids not only act as Not only are they antioxidants. But they may also help fight cancer. Can nourish health in other areas as well.  Anti-inflammatory Inflammation is a risk factor that can cause many serious diseases, including heart disease  , stroke, diabetes, and cancer, especially chronic inflammation. This is

What are the benefits of elderberry?

Elderberry is a berry fruit that is native to Europe and North America. The fruit is dark purple. Rich in antioxidants like Anthocyanin and high in vitamin C. Elderberries are believed to have medicinal properties. Such as treating colds and flu. It may also help prevent and treat some diseases.